Getting Started on Windows


July 08, 2021

Step 2-1 Install OmniEdge for Windows

  1. Download OmniEdge for Windows from [URL].

  1. Click the file you downloaded and click [Yes] to continue.

  1. When you see the TAP-Windows Setup Wizard, click "Next".

  1. Click "I Agree".

  1. Select only the "TAP Virtual Ethernet Adapter", then click "Next".

  1. Choose a Destination Folder or just keep the default one, then click "Install".

  1. When the Setup Wizard is completed, select "Yes, restart the computer now", then click "Finish".

  1. Now you can see the icon of OmniEdge is already on your desktop.

Step 2-2 Create an account and log in

  1. Click the icon of OmniEdge and start the application. Click "Yes" when it asks for permissions.

  1. Right click the tray icon of OmniEdge, you can see the "Log in" menu item, click it, then you can see a login window popped up.

  1. If you don't have an account on OmniEdge, please sign up for a new account. Currently every user will be assigned one virtual network automatically. So logging in with a same account means all your devices will be connected to the same network.

  1. Once your account is done, sign in with it.

  1. After logging in with your account, you can see you IP address in your exclusive virtual network. To connect with it, just click "Connect".

  1. If everything goes well, you can see "Login successfully". Now, you can connect with your other devices without any concern!

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© 2022 OmniEdge Inc. All rights reserved