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March 08, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic is probable to profoundly change the way numerous firms work for the predictable future. As governments and industries around the world state, those with signs to self-quarantine and everybody else to run through social distancing, remote work is the new realism. It is rapidly becoming the worldwide new normal for enormous numbers of personnel. Years back, remote working was considered as a customer service position at under lowest salary, however with the trends varying, it is becoming a twenty-four-hour career. Technology is making people proficient in getting a similar job done where on earth they are. Individuals all over the world are trying to become accustomed to this technology. Industries are trying to get into this to carry on with the altering need of their workers and to get used to aptitude from parts of the world.

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Working remotely is growing under the fuss because of the Covid-19. Governments are in search of reducing the extent of the illness and have applied social distancing measures to lessen pointless interaction between individuals – as well as when traveling and in the office. That means a lot of individuals are working remotely who have never done so previously.​

Here are the chief reasons why remote working is rising in trend.​

  • Setting your working timetable​
  • The ease of being at home​
  • Chance to travel more​
  • A smaller amount of pressure​
  • Better time management for personal life

Working remotely can’t work if the accurate technology isn’t there to ease it. And the most important is about Connectivity, safe connectivity. Remote team members are working from anywhere, they may use different sources of internet connection, their wifi at home, a hotspot of the mobile phone, and public wifi in Starbuck. The remote employees have to be access to the core resource of the company for their work. The challenge of perimeter security is becoming a critical concern. Here, we have OmniEdge(


Companies are embracing permanent remote work, remote employees’ security will be more challenged. But Why Aren’t More Companies Making Remote Work Permanent? It’s not just about productivity, and one of the main reasons is the security challenge from the perimeters.​

Most companies will use legacy VPNs as their security tools to protect the companies sensitive core resources, however, legacy VPNs are labor-intensive, performance poor, ineffective for remote access system, and facing unprecedented modern security threats, legacy firewall security model is problematic. At least an IT team has to be built for this job, they have spent time on setup, maintenance the system, and keep monitoring the system. When there are not so many perimeters connected to the central server, the maintenance and security tasks are fine, they still have time to do other jobs. But now things have been changed, all the remote workers need high-performance tools for their remote work, and they will keep IT very busy. What’s more, the all remote network will be broken if one of the perimeters leaks its key to the office. How about if there is a system that can detect the leaked perimeters and kick them out while the others can still keep communication instantly. Here we would like to introduce OmniEdge, A MESH VPN system built on P2P and Google’s Zero-trust Security principles.

Who we are: A group of network communication experts concentrates to be the next Cisco. Our vision is to help individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises to build the next-generation secure, zero-trust private networks in one click.​

The foundation of OmniEdge is an amazing journey for all members and their customers. The team is totally built on Twitter. The founder Yong QIAN sent a tweet that he would like to build a p2p mesh VPN based on his first startup's experience which is especially for the industrial internet of things, using p2p VPN based on wireguardVPN to remote access and acquire data from robotics, PLC for large machine vendors like Staubli, BDS and his previous employers FRIMO before his startup. The tweet attracted more than 30 high experienced programmers, and finally, the team with 21 members was built after the interview. Most importantly, the members are located in 9 cities across 4 countries, they will work remotely from the USA, Australia, Malaysia, and China to create a remote workforce for remote workers.​

What we do in the past 1 month: ​

Some milestones achieved:​

  1. Nov. 11, 2020: OmniEdge is founded.​
  2. Nov. 19, 2020: official Twitter is opened and attracted more than 700 followers.​
  3. Dec. 12, 2020: The MVP app is ready for the internal test.​
  4. Jan. 3rd, 2021: Pre-register website will be online.​

What we will do in the coming month: ​

  1. Jan 31, 2021: launch first version

Why OmniEdge Connectivity​

There are 5 reasons:

Painless Setup: Set up OmniEdge just in minutes with our apps on any device.​

Maintenance-less: Forget the boring sever administration job, the system will run everything automatically, even when it is under attack. The system will kill itself and restart immediately. ​

Security: OmniEdge's Zero-trust networking solutions, provide peer-to-peer VPN connection with >256-bit end-to-end encryption, only the client have the access to decrypt the connection.​

Low latency, Fast Connection: With the technology of end-to-end connection, you will have low latency and a private network for your own.​

Easy to use: Forget the hard-to-remember IP address, set the name you like for your own node.

What features OmniEdge will provide​

OmniEdge will offer the following features but will be more for you.

  1. List all devices in a private network with its IP, name, and OS​
  2. Display the ping response between nodes​
  3. Node connecting audit logging ​
  4. Traffic logger ​
  5. Admin can activate/deactivate a node, limit node's access(ssh,ftp)​
  6. Admin can control the app's access ​
  7. Admin can set the traffic limit​
  8. IPV6 compatible ​
  9. Layer 2 VPN​
  10. It can cross NAT and Firewall​
  11. Decentralized, no single point of failure like old VPN​
  12. Cross-platform: macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, *BSD, OpenWrt, etc​
  13. Mesh VPN​
  14. TUN/TAP adaptors to run across OS​
  15. DHCP and DNS​
  16. And more​

Who is happy with the solution​

Startups, especially for remote work​

  • Connect to team member's dev server or even laptop for the support​
  • Test the web ideas without exposing internal laptop to the web​
  • Connect team from anywhere in just one intranet ​

Network Admins​

  • Simplifying the organization's VPN setup, forget traditional VPNs setup, with just one solution.​
  • Manage access to sensitive services from one place​
  • Secure remote connection​
  • Remotely install security updates​
  • Kick the node that bring the threat while the whole system still running

Transportation, AGVs​

  • Connecting AGVs together in an intranet securely ​
  • Exchange the data in a low-latency network​
  • Remote support with a fast and secure peer-to-peer network​
  • Connect to the machine for configuration and troubleshooting​
  • Remote export data and metrics​
  • Machine or expert connection audit logging is available for business plan​

Industry 4.0 Companies​

  • Simplifying deployment of the connectivity solutions for M2M and E2M with the end-to-end encrypted tunnel.​
  • Lightweight and compatible for industrial gateway ​
  • Connect machines in different from anywhere​
  • Exchange the data in a low-latency network​
  • Remote support with a fast and secure peer-to-peer network​
  • Connect to the machine for configuration and troubleshooting​
  • Remote export data and metrics​
  • Machine or expert connection audit logging is available for business plan​

Banks & Hospitals​

  • Secure legacy apps​
  • You can make legacy service audits compliant by wrapping them with OmniEdge, simple install the client.​
  • Log traffic from every node​
  • Every connection on OmniEdge can be logged from both nodes, ensuring you can detect suspicious activity and ensure your logs are tamper-proof


  • Access your NAS, Raspberry Pi and other devices from anywhere anytime​
  • Backup your phone or your laptop directly to your NAS without paying the subscription​
  • Watch movies, listen to musics and read books from your own home server​
  • Play LAN games with your friend from anywhere​
  • Monitor your home camera with your own network​
  • other interesting things you created.​

Does OmniEdge has the genesis of remote work​

Absolutely! The founder himself is an experienced remote worker for more than 7 years. He is from traditional industry, robotics automation if you compare to the current remote work trend careers which are mainly from IT. Before founding his own startup, Mr. Yong QIAN works for a Tire-1 Germany robotics automation company for its global business in the automation industry, providing project and customer support to customers in China, Japan, South Korea of Asia as he is the only Asian in the core team, and in Germany of Europe and USA in North American when the customers in his area are happy and he is free to provide support. He is called 007 internally by his german colleagues while only take tasks and close the deals.​

How can be? While it is all about how you use your workforce, or how you build the tools if it is not fit. Productivity tools are significant for every business however they are, pretty literally, the mere connection remote teams have to depend on– therefore you better ensure you select or build the accurate tools. ​

The first startup Mr. Yong QIAN founded is an IIoT company building a #noconf remote access solution for the automation system. The system takes only 5 minutes to deploy a system including hardware, software, and cloud, what's more, it's even not necessary to do maintenance, everything is running automatically.

Who are OmniEdge Looking For?​

We are looking for talented people who are trying to help others to have a great work-life balance by creating great products while enjoying their own work-life balance. Herewith the characteristics that we are really happy to work with: ​

Highly driven personality​

Only a responsible, self-motivated and disciplined person can handle the pressure of WFH. Because there is no "helicopter supervisor" to make sure the person is in his seat. The person himself has to decide to get things done in his own way.​

Independent Decision making capacity​

It's good that all the remote workers are following instructions, and yes, we will also have clear instructions. But if something happens, and the key person is not available at the moment. He/She has to make a simple decision by himself/herself, change the priority for this tasks.​

Organization Skills​

You have to organize your tasks and the priority of the tasks by yourself, and prepare the communication emails and phone calls, necessary documentaries to have clear and well-organized manner.​

Reliability ​

First of all, you have to be stick to the deadline. Remote workers should be visible and accessible to the team, even if you have an entire month to complete a task. Because the other members' tasks are connected to your tasks.​


Panic causes people to react in ways that aren’t always best for a situation. Remote workers have their share of emergencies—power outages, lost data, computer viruses, what have you. But they handle these events in ways that help rather than make things worse. This is because they stay calm.And don't forget to ask if you are not clear about the email and phone call, because wrong communication may affect emotion.​

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