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lets you connect without concern whether running on any platform, any time, any where.

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OmniEdge Desktop App for Windows and macOS, Mobile Apps for iOS and Android, as well as web

A reliable and painless connectivity to all your devices in one click.

Forget the boring sever administration job, the system will run everything automatically, even when it is under attack. The system will kill itself and reborn immediately.
Low Latency
Fast Connection: With the technology of end-to-end connection, your will have low latency and private network for your own.
Painless Setup
Set up OmniEdge just in minutes with our apps on any devices.
Security First
OmniEdge's Zero-trust networking solution, provide peer-to-peer VPN connection with >256-bit end-to-end encryption. Private key will be kept on your own devices only.
Easy to Use
Forget the hard to remember IP address, set the name you like for your own node.
Made by people from the world connected.
We are a remote collaborative team from nine cities in four countries.
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