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Omniedge's Peer-to-Peer Layer 2 VPN solutions are not only a great and affordable network solution for a small team but also for big companies with thousands of computers all around the world.

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The power of Omniedge

High Security

P2P MESH networks, encrypted end-to-end by Two-fish, AES128 or ChaCha20 Ciphers, customized authentication and 2FA to achieve dual security confirmation of devices and users with GDPR in mind.

High Speed

End-to-end direct connection, latency improved by up to 50%* compared to traditional VPN networks. Zero-config setup allows one click deployment.

High Performance

Cross platform compatibility connecting the widest range of OS and IoT devices. Management of all users and equipment on one dashboard. Minimize setup time, resources, costs and maintenance, helping you focus on your business.

What is the difference of OmniEdge

No Public IP, No Port Forward, Zero Config, Zero Firewall Rules


How Omniedge works?

We rebuild the intranet on the internet setup easier and so you can connect your devices in a secure way without
concern at anywhere and anytime.

What we do for you?


Connect to omniedge service

Exchange Peer Information



Join a virtual network

Assigning IP

Virtual Network


Initialize Connection

Virtual Network

Exchange Peer Information


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Download Omniedge

We currently support various platforms. You can download them here.



Login to

We support email login, security key login and Google login


Create a virtual network

We already created a default virtual network for you. However, you can create your own virtual network in just a minute.


Connect in one click

Click connect button on our client application


Makes secure connectivity from weeks to minutes

OmniEdge reduces the enterprise connectivity deployment from weeks to minutes, helps customers focusing on their core business, connects and manages their devices from anywhere, anytime.

Cross Platforms
Users can run the product on different devices, whether the devices are on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux or routers, or on a variety of different public clouds.
Management on one dashboard
Users can manage all registered devices on one dashboard, no matter where they are located, with an end-to-end private encrypted network, allowing users to access their own devices.
Faster Speed, Low Lantency
End-to-end direct connection, compared to traditional VPN networks, can improve response by 50%.
High Security
P2P MESH networks, where packets interact directly between devices, use enterprise G-Suite and other authentication to achieve dual security confirmation of devices and users.
Painless Setup
Set up OmniEdge just in minutes with our apps on any device, you can choose several different methods to activate your devices.
Forget about the labor-intensive system management job, with OMNIEDGE you can focus on your own core business.

OmniEdge delivers

Solutions for your requirements.

Virtual Network

Virtual network becomes a virtual office connecting all remote devices by intranet for your team and trusted users only.

Remote Device Control

Control a remote computer as if it’s located in front of you, by Remote Desktop Protocol, VNC or SSH.


Connect multiple platforms, Windows,macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and more.

Sub Router


Big Data Transferring

Big-data transfer functionality allows international enterprises to exchange data between different sites across their global footprint.


Organize your users to bring secure connection to enterprise's access and resources.

Security Key

Security Keys allow you connect your linux based devices with only a command line, turning your own devices into an industrial router.

Peer-to-Peer Encryption

Traffic over OmniEdge is end-to-end encrypted by Twofish/AES128/ChaCha20 cipers' P2P MESH network.

IoT & Hardware Integration

Integrate OmniEdge into your own IoT project or hardware.

Zero Config

No Public IP, No Port Forward,Zero Config, Zero Firewall Rules. All your connectivity in one single click.

Okta integration

Integrate Okta as your SSO provider to use OmniEdge.

Admin API

Admin API for admin users to have access to the admin dashboard for overview virutal network, devices and network setting.

All your


in one single click.

We’re on a mission to provide reliable, secure, and painless connectivity solutions for anyone who wants to have access to their devices, anywhere, anytime.

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© 2022 OmniEdge Inc. All rights reserved