Build your robotics & IIoT product with both hardware and SaaS from zero.

With our more than 10 years worldwide experience.

Our projects: Flex machines for automobile, semi-conductor & 3C industries.

We know very well about using Staubli, ABB robotics, Siemens PLC to build complicated machines for different industry.


Our projects: Process refractometer

Focused on the research and development of online refractometers, as well as related solutions for measuring and controlling liquid concentration.


Our projects: Distributed Security Monitoring system of High-Voltage Power Lines

Distributed Thermal Monitoring system is used in high-voltage transmission lines to improve the reliability and safety of power lines. The whole system is combined with CT(current transform) powered sensors, CT powered router with camera and a SaaS system. It use a hybrid wireless protocol system to communicate between sensors and routers, routers and control system.


Our projects: AQuaAI.Net

Uniting Fashion Designers and AI for Sustainable Innovation.

Our projects: OmniEdge

OmniEdge is an open source p2p layer 2 VPN infrastructure based on n2n protocol, a traditional VPN alternative. No central server, easy to scale with less maintenance. What happens in intranet, stays in in intranet.


Our projects: Jaybox & JayNest: industrial router + SaaS

Remote connectivity solution for robotics machines, offering remote programming and remote process deployment.


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