What is LAN ?

LAN is a network contained within a room, every computers are connected by Ethernet cables. It’s safe and fast.

What is OmniEdge ?

OmniEdge makes communication easy and safe, brings the intranet on the internet by distributed VPN solutions, helps to connect users who wants to connect their devices anywhere, anytime. OmniEdge's solution is not only a great and affordable network solution for a small team, but also for big companies with thousands of devices all around the world.

What is OmniEdge private network ?

Private network is created by OmniEdge like a LAN but computers are located in different places.

How long does it take to set up OmniEdge?

OmniEdge can be set up in 5 minutes or less, by installing an OmniEdge Apps for your devices on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS for Intel Mac and Apple M1 Mac, and Linux platforms.

How much technical knowledge do I need to have to use OmniEdge ?

Using OmniEdge does not require technical expertise in networking. If you know how to install software on Windows, macOS, iOS, android, and Linux, you can use it by simply download OmniEdge Apps and follow the instructions to install and use OmniEdge.

Is my privacy secure with OmniEdge?"

We take privacy security very seriously. please read our Privacy Policy for Details.

How do I change my existing subscription plan?"

If you already have an OmniEdge plan, please contact us to change your plan or your billing period, or you can do it by yourself at the dashboard.

When will I be billed?"

Our plans are generally prepaid, so you pay for them in advance. Annual Enterprise plans can be invoiced with net 30 payment terms upon request.

What payment methods do you offer?

We support payment by credit card through Stripe. Customers with Enterprise plans can request payment by other methods, such as wire or ACH. At this time, we can only receive payment in US Dollars ($).

Where can I find your terms of service and privacy policy?

View the OmniEdge Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How can I learn more about OmniEdge?

Learn more about OmniEdge by reading documentation.


Why does OmniEdge ask for administrator access?

OmniEdge needs administrator access to change the network setting.

The window didn't show as my expectation when I run it. Check the console got below exception (the shot screen has been attached for your reference)"UNIX error exception: 17"

The OmniEdge helper tool could be corrupted during the installation, try to remove OmniEdge and its related files and reinstall again.

uninstall OmniEdge
$ find ~/Library -name 'io.OmniEdge'
$ remove all founded files
$ re-install OmniEdge

Why can't ping my windows PC?

A: It is because the setting of Windows Firewall Search for Windows Firewall, and click to open it.

For help navigating, see Get around in Windows.
Click Advanced Settings on the left.
From the left pane of the resulting window, click Inbound Rules.
In the right pane, find the rules titled File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In).
Right-click each rule and choose Enable Rule.

If you have more questions, feel free to discuss.

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