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    Doc / Compare / Frp-ngrok Vs. OmniEdge

    frp/ngrok vs. OmniEdge

    ngrok/frp is a reverse proxy tool used for exposing your local service to the public, let you access your computer's localhost from a mobile device for example. ngrok is a free/paid service. The free service has limitations of requests per minute and only one tunnel at a time. frp is an open-source version of ngrok.

    The big difference

    • Ngrok/frp is limited to TCP webservice only, and you need to set each service before using it.

    • OmniEdge is not limited to TCP and covers all the TCP and UDP services, you can access your own devices only by one fixed IP.

    Let's compare some use cases between ngrok/frp and omniedge.

    Use Casesngrok/frpOmniEdge
    Expose local web servicengrok tcp 3000 then use a public IP like:
    SSH22 is your ssh port and 11111 is the reversed port by ngrok ngrok tcp 22 && ssh -p 11111ssh admin@
    RDPngrok tcp 3389 and use for RDP addressJust put the omniedge IP into the RDP Client
    FTPngrok tcp 21 &&
    VNCngrok tcp 5900 and use the as the VNC addressjust put the OmniEdge IP into the VNC client


    Accessiable by defaultpublic with free planPrivate automatically
    Accessiable LimitationManually IP whitelisting setting with paid planPrivate automatically

    If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

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