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OmniEdge with Nvidia JETSON Project

Tools we need:

  • Nvidia JETSON NAND Board
  • MicroSD Card 32GB
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • Micro-USB Power Supply 5V-2A
  • OmniEdge for Linux

Step 1

Download the Jetson Nano Developer Kit SD Card Image, and note where it was saved on the computer, unzip it when download is finished:

unzip -p ~/Downloads/

Step 2

Write the image to your microSD card on macOS. Herewith the command, you have to use:

diskutil list external | fgrep '/dev/disk'
diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk2
sudo dd if=~/Download/jetson.img of=/dev/rdisk4 bs=1m 
13071+0 records in
13071+0 records out
13705936896 bytes transferred in 691.454329 secs (19821898 bytes/sec)

Click Eject on the popup window when finished

Please notice the numder 4 in /dev/disk4 and /dev/rdisk4.

Step 3

Insert your Micro-SD card into your Jetson Board, plug the power supply, HDMI to a Monitor, and a USB-Keyboard, power on the board. Finish the system setting, and enter into the ubuntu-desktop.

Step 4

Download and install omnidge cli by running the following command:

curl | bash

Step 5

Login OmniEdge and Join Virtual Network

  • Login By Password:
omniedge login -u -f your_auth_file_path
  • Login By Secret-Key, You can generate secret-key on omniedge web
omniedge login -s yoursecuritykey -f your_auth_file_path
  • Join Your Network,you can just call omniedge join, it will automatically prompt the available network for you to choose. And you can also add one parameter -n to specify the network id manually. And then, enjoy the omniedge network.
sudo omniedge join -f your_auth_file_path

and select your virtual network or

sudo omniedge join -n 'virtual-network-id'

with a speicified virtual network.

  • Wait a second and a secure VPN will be established

omniedge cli

Step 6

Now your laptop and your Jetson have joined in the same virtual network, you can use ssh to connect.

If you have more questions, feel free to discuss.

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