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OmniEdge Performance Measurement

Test Setup

Test test runs between 2 AWS EC2 nodes type t2.micro and m5.large in us-east-2.

The nodes specifications :


Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
1 vCPUs
1 GiB Ram
Low to Moderate
OS: AWS Linux 2 AMI


Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 CPU (64 bit)
2 vCPUs
8 GiB Ram
Up to 10 Gbps network
OS: AWS Linux 2 AMI

Test tools:

OmniEdge Version

  • OmniEdge Evaluation version 0.1.0
  • OmniEdge 1.0 (internal developmen)

Throughput on t2.micro

Through put testBandwidth
Native Network1090 Mbit/s
OmniEdge Evalution170 Mbit/s
OmniEdge 1.0247 Mbit/s

Throughput on m5.large

Through put testBandwidth
Native Network4970 Mbit/s
OmniEdge Evalution554 Mbit/s
OmniEdge 1.03470 Mbit/s


  • The OmniEdge Evaluation can reach 554 Mbit/s.
  • The new OmniEdge version can reach 3470 Mbit/s.

If you have more questions, feel free to discuss.

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