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Build OmniEdge for Windows

  1. Download QT 5.12.12 for windows and Inno Setup for windows
  2. Get the repo and compile
git clone
cd omniedge-windows
  1. open and QT Creator will open automatically
  2. Set the Kits to Desktop Qt 5.12.12 MSVC2017 32bit, select build with Release, set the Build directory to: .\build-package\build\

  1. Press crtl+B to build, and you will find OmniEdge.exe in the folder.\build-package\build\release\.
  2. copy OmniEdge.exe to .\build-package\package\,open omniedge_withTAP_V02_bat.iss with Inno Setup Compile, press ctril+F9 to compile and you will find the installer package in the folder .\build-package\release

If you have more questions, feel free to discuss.

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