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OmniEdge for OpenWrt

Bring OpenWrt into intranet, access your OpenWrt routers from everywhere.

We are offering ipks for armv8(aarch64_generic,aarch64_cortex-a53,aarch64_cortex-a72), arm(arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4,arm_cortex-a8_vfpv3, arm_cortex-a9), i386_pentium4, x86_64(amd64),mipsel_24kc & mips_24kc.

Last update: Version 0.2.4, September,15, 2022.

Use OmniEdge on OpenWrt

  1. Download omnedge ipks related to your routers arch, and copy it to your router
  2. Install it by running opkg install omniedge*.ipk
  3. Generate Security-key, and get the Virtual Network ID from Dashboard
  4. Add your Security key and virtual network id to /etc/init.d/omniedge:
  1. running Omniedge by:
/etc/init.d/omniedge enable
/etc/init.d/omniedge start

If you have more questions, feel free to discuss.

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